1.  Reprint of a historic booklet marking a new direction in gay and lesbian activism.
The Universities and the Gay Experience:
Proceedings of the Conference Sponsored by the Women and Men
of the Gay Academic Union
November 23 and 24, 1973
(New York: The Gay Academic Union, 1974, 110 pages).
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2.  Campus activism and the gay movement in 1978, an interview with Bert Hansen on local television in Binghamton, New York.  At this time, I was teaching courses on the history of science and medicine in the History Department of SUNY-Binghamton (later renamed Binghamton University).  I was fully out on campus, where I was invited to speak at freshman orientation and received many off-campus invitations through the university's press and community affairs office, such as a luncheon talk at the local Kiwanis Club and this TV interview.  At that time we didn't yet have a student gay and lesbian group, but the Broome County Gay Alliance met on campus and included students.


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The 27-minute interview plays in mp4 format.  Click at the center of the screen to start or stop, and click on the musical notes to un-mute the video.

This episode of the Morning Show on Channel 12 was taped on February 3, 1978, and broadcast on February 6, 1978. (The archived copy includes initial test pattern and reference title.)

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