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“New York’s Hospitals, Past & Present,” half-hour interview on internet radio show/podcast, “Rediscovering New York with Jeff Goodman” (  Audiofile at .

“The History of Using Serum Therapy in Various Diseases Before A Vaccine Becomes Available,” Distillations (April 28, 2020), at

“How Renaissance Princes Pursued Beauty in Science,” an exhibit review of Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).  On-line at Distillations (December 24, 2019), at .

“Smallpox and the Long Road to Eradication. It’s one thing to make a scientific discovery, but making it count is another thing entirely.” Distillations (November 12, 2019), at

“The medicine with greatest impact: rabies shots.”  Expert’s answer in weekly feature GizAsks at (August 9, 2019), at

“Hennig Brandt and the Discovery of Phosphorus,” Distillations (July 30, 2019) at

“Medical History on the Silver Screen: Hollywood’s Ten-Minute Films about Medical Heroes,” Hektoen International: A Journal of Medical Humanities (Winter 2018) at

On-line essay, “Recent Research on Louis Pasteur’s Connections with the Fine Arts,” posted on August 24, 2017, on the Pasteur and Brewing site, moderated by Brendon Barnett in Sacramento, CA, at

“Our Mutual Friend: Candy Stores in the 19th Century Sold Sweets as Deadly as They Were Delicious,” Distillations Magazine (Summer 2017) at

“Serendipity in the Discovery of New Vesalius Paintings,” Osler Library Newsletter (McGill University, Montreal), no. 126 (Summer 2017), 11-15.  PDF of this issue at

A two-part blog posted on the site of the Center for History at the New York Academy of Medicine.

            May 5, 2017, “The Architecture of Health Care (Part 1)” on the work of York and Sawyer, at .

            May 9, 2017, “The Architecture of Health Care (Part 2)” on the work of Charles B. Meyers, at .


“The Filter of Life,” Distillations Magazine 2:3 (Fall 2016), 6-7.  Pasteur-Chamberland filters as a key factor in the creation of virology was also posted (October 9, 2016) at .


“Science, Protector of the Common Good: Using Chemistry to Put a Lid on Unsavory Practices,” Distillations Magazine 2:1 (Spring 2016), 10-11, about Frederick Opper’s cover cartoon for Puck (March 12, 1884) was also posted (April 8, 2016) at .


“The Artist in the Laboratory: Flameng’s Engraving of Edelfelt’s Louis Pasteur,” Distillations Magazine 1:2 (Summer 2015), 12-13, was also posted (June 7, 2015) at .


A short interview about the research that led to my 2009 book Picturing Medical Progress was posted (June 3, 2014) at .


The Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia (now the Science History Institute) invited me to participate with graphic artist Jonathan Fetter-Vorn (author of Trinity, 2012) in a live webcast on January 22, 2014.  The joint interview, “Drawing History: Telling the Stories of Science through Comics and Graphic Novels,” was posted as a one-hour edited version found at .


“Louis Pasteur:  Exploring His Life in Art,” The John P. McGovern Lecture for 2013 was presented in Tucson.  An abridged version was published in booklet form by the American Osler Society.  A reprint with color illustrations is available at .


“Party Spirits: A Daily Graphic Cartoon from 1882 Satirizing the Democratic Party,” Chemical Heritage 31:1 (Spring 2013), 17, was also posted (April 18, 2013) at .


“Political Potions: Alchemical Imagery in a Gilded Age Political Caricature from 1887,” Chemical Heritage 30:3 (Fall 2012/Winter 2013), 16, was also posted (January 29, 2013) at .


An article co-authored with Boaz N. Adler, “¡Stories of the Great Chemists!  History Comes to Life in Children’s Comic Books!  ¡ EN ESPAÑOL!  Published in México and Read All Across Latin America!” Chemical Heritage 30:1 (Spring 2012), 20-25 (featured on cover), was also posted (April 7, 2012) at


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